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Workshop with Donna
Workshop with Donna

Donna Friess, Ph.D., retired Professor of Communication at Cypress College, is now available to help you and your employees to be more effective when communicating during presentations and meetings. She can help in the following areas:

My recent Mastermind Workshop with Dr. Donna was instrumental in getting me off the dime to do what I have only been thinkingabout for about 2 years! I got some huge keys to unlocking my own fears and am doing it anyway! GREAT and PRODUCTIVE way to spend 3 hours. -L

Couples Event: Relationship Booster Shot Series

Tools to Reignite the Spark in your Relationship

These workshops will teach strategies for rekindling the friendship and perhaps even the magic in your relationship. You will learn new tools to apply to your life and to improve your communication. Learn what makes your partner “tick;” amazing theory of human temperament. Also an exciting activity to learn more about the “human condition.” Learn more tools to keep the flame burning and the intimacy and closeness alive. You will learn what “addicted” love is and how to change that if one or both partners feels a bit enmeshed. Space limited to ten participants.

  • Are you a “lark” or a “night owl?” Do you prefer alone time or being in a big group?
  • Learn more about your partner.
  • Learn how to live together in harmony.
  • Learn the secrets which Dr. Sheldon discovered when he studied “human temperments.”
  • Understand the psychology of interdependency vs. codependency.
  • Use Emotional intelligence to your best advantage.

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“Assertive You! Sell it and Close the Deal!”


You are the most important element in your marketing program. Your ability to make a positive impression, and close the deal, whether it is at a job interview, chairing a meeting, consulting with a client, or presenting a speech, it comes down to you! You may only get one chance to get your message across.


Whether you are addressing a room full of people or leading a team, your communication skills can make or break you. You MUST be the best advertising portion of your business life. In this workshop you will learn the skills that successful sales people and leaders use. This workshop will focus on teaching you to organize your ideas so that you say what you intend to say while motivating and captivating your audience. You will learn the art of persuasion.


PLEASE PREPARE A 3 - 4 MINUTE SALES PITCH. A VISUAL AID CAN HELP. POWER POINT IS OK TOO. Two and a half hours: Space limited to ten participants.   

  • A Review of methods to control nervousness .
  • You will learn how to captivate your audience and hold their interest.
  • You will learn how to organize and support your ideas to get them to agree.
  • You will learn to ask for what you want AND CLOSE THE DEAL!
  • You will learn the importance of logical as well as emotional appeal. 

E-mail Donna if you are interested in setting up a workshop. Participants will take away: Booklet: “You’re Up Next!”  

Woman’s Room: Mastermind Group - Session I

Powerful You: Stopping Old Ways of Thinking

Our human brains are problem solving organs. If we begin to seriously ponder that question: So what do I DO with the rest of my life? It is possible to imagine some rich and exciting opportunities for the future. Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi , Claremont Graduate University, is the famous researcher into what brings humans happiness. He would say it lies in expanding ourselves. Anne Frank said it is improving the world. Steven Jobs would have said, “living your own life, not someone else’s.” Viktor Frankl would tell us it is in living a life of deep meaning. Rick Warren tells us it lies in a purpose driven life. So let us get to work on masterminding your possibilities.


In this workshop you will:

  • Explore new ways to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone
  • Discover imaginative new horizons
  • Develop strategies to achieve new goals
  • Learn the power of mind mapping
  • Learn tools to accomplish a “win-win” mind set.

This is your time on the planet and I can help you to make it count in the best ways imaginable!

This three hour workshop will focus on what our next steps are. I can help you figure it out!  


Contact Donna to set a date  

Women's Room Mastermind Session II: Understanding Life Scripts and Learning to Break the Cycle

Learn more about being a winnder. Define non-winners and losers for contrast. This session will focus on ways to change one's Life Script. Participants will learn the role of negative thinkings and the mind games one can play on oneself to keep you from moving forward. This is all about moving forward.

This three hour workshop includes materials and light lunch. Enrollment is limited to 10.



Women's Room Mastermind Session III - MAKING IT HAPPEN 

In this session pyou will develop your action plan for moving forward.  This will focus on rewriting your life story.  How do you use where you are now, to get where you want to go?  You can look at one 30-day goal and learn how to chunk it down into doable steps.  Your homework for this session will be to "pitch your life story" as if it were a movie in two minutes.  This will be an exhilirating session that will inspire you to move forward.  

Other Workshops Available:


Unclutter Your Mind: Win from Within Through Clear Thinking

Get Your Own Way: Win-Win Strategies

Many People Never Learn Effective Conflict Management Techniques. This Workshop Will Prepare You To Be More Skilled When Dealing With Others in Controversial Situations.


Communicating Across the Gender Gap

New Research Proves that Men and Women Process Messages Differently and Accounts for many Conflicts and Misunderstandings that Could be Avoided. An Excellent topic for Work and Business Relationships.


Effective Strategies for Improving Intercultural Interactions

California has Become One of the Most Diverse Places in the World. Learn Techniques Which Will Assist You to Work and Play More Effectively in this Diverse World. Learn About Others.


Assertive Communication Strategies

Learn How To Respond To Others So That You Are No Longer A Door Mat.


Culture Clash: Understanding the Body Language of Other Cultures

This seminar focuses on Body Language and How Our Actions Can Cause Problems Which We Might Not Even Realize. Understand the “language” of Other Cultures


Better Communication Through Understanding the Temperament of Others

Body Shape Has Been Studied and Correlated with Personality Type: Learn to Understand Others through A Useful New Paradigm.


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