Life Coaching

If you feel overwhelmed by the complexities of Life, the serious economic downturn, the loss of a job or spouse or child, or loss of your youth, Life Coaching might be just the help you need.  It may be the time to turn your life around, to get out of feeling stuck and living the life you always imagined.


Donna Friess, incest survivor, author and college professor, has dedicated her adult life to helping people to live life more fully. With appearances on Oprah Winfrey and presentations around the world, Donna has frequently been asked, "So why did you turn out so well, considering what a devastated childhood you endured?"


Donna has no trouble answering these questions.  As a Doctor of Psychology, she has studied dysfunctional family systems and she understands what it takes to turn ones life around. Dr. Friess teaches positive thinking while she gives her clients tools to help develop their confidence.  She guides them toward goal setting, and helps them to mind map so they can break their life goals down into doable chunks.


Dr. Friess has made human happiness one of her special interests.  She understands what allows for prime human happiness.  She sets her clients on the path toward fulfillment through realizing their dreams.


Aa a half marathoner, she "gets" the importance of the role of exercise and nutrition as they relate to human happiness.  For 45 years Donna taught the psychology of human relationships at Cypress College.  She authored "Circle of Love: Guide to Successful Relationships" (HIH Publishing).  That book is in it's 3rd Edition. 


Dr. Friess is an expert in helping one to create and maintain satisfying functional personal relationships.  She is also adept at allowing survivors of troubled childhoods to come to grips with that trouble and move from Survivor to Thriver.


Dr. Friess is warm and engaging.  She is a mother, wife and grandmother.  She is a best friend and a mentor.  She can help you through the complex labyrinth of life.  She can help you get your business on track, your relationships to a satisfying place, she can help you with stress management and with accomplishing your important life goals.


This is your time on the planet. 

You need to make the most of it.

Dr. Friess can help you do that.  Contact her today.



Life Coaching is not therapy.  There is no hypnosis or digging around in the past.  There is no age regression therapy.  It is not psycho therapy.  It takes the client in the here and now and provides a sounding board for an adult "take" on one's issues.  Dr. Friess is offering teaching and coaching.  She offers guidance and good sense.  Dr. Friess provides and champion to you and she will hold you accountable to move forward toward your goals.


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"It will never come again is what makes life so sweet!" Emily Dickenson