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This is your time now on earth, make the most of it.

My journey has followed a path from severely abused child, to leadership in the international child abuse field. It has included a long and successful career in the college class room as a full time professor teaching public speaking, group process, conflict management, personal growth and self esteem.


This journey has given me tools I want to share with you. I have a master’s degree in Speech Communication and a doctoral degree in Human Behavior. I have written five books and appeared on many television and radio shows including Oprah Winfrey. My book, Cry the Darkness, has been published in seven languages. I am convinced that I can guide you to answers for many of your life questions.


When I began to write my first book, Cry the Darkness, my intention was only to share my story with my children. Before long, as a result of being the subject of a cover story in the Los Angeles Times Magazine (August 2, 1991) I became more comfortable sharing my case. I soon realized that the media attention could assist me in my desire to get stricter laws passed to stop child sexual abuse. For more on that, visit www.donnafriess.com


My book Circle of Love: Guide to Successful Relationships, focuses on the skills and attitudes it takes to become a more competent communicator in the world. I truly believe that each of us is valuable and if we can learn to believe in ourselves and utilize more effective interpersonal tools, our lives will become more fulfilling. I believe that our lives are our creative expression and that we can become who we are dreaming of becoming.


We all must deal with life changes. Sometimes we handle those changes well, and sometimes we do not. For me a huge change was to move from “survivor” to “thriver.” My goal is to share what I have learned with other women and to help them develop skills to deal with their life changes and transitions.


“Incredible! Awesome person and teacher. She has helped me to discover skills that will benefit me the rest of my life. I admire her personality and wisdom. Top notch teacher. She truly cares!” (ratemyprof.com)


“Donna Friess is one of the best teachers at Cypress College. She has a magical way of making material actually fun to learn. She is truly one of the best professor I have ever had!” (ratemyprof.com)


“Best quality of educator I have ever experienced. Clear, supportive, smart, knows her stuff, and cares about us.” (ratemyprof.com)

I can help you figure it out.

Life coaching: in the office, via telephone, or e mail. 

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